The philosophy of SHOT

We believe in Hanseatic merchant etiquette, which means a handshake is as good as a contract.

We believe that mutual trust between us and our customers is the base for doing business successfully.

We believe that the core of our success are contented employees.

We believe that every business is a people business, which is why we run ours the way we do.

Actually, we don’t just believe in so-called soft values as a success factor, we are absolutely convinced of them. Therefore, when we speak of dialogue, we don’t mean the making and accepting of offers – but the building of a business relationship between people. That way, an understanding of each other’s ways of thinking and expectations is established, which enables us to cater to our customers’ individual needs and thus create both satisfaction and efficiency – and suddenly the human factor becomes measurable in hard currency.

People at SHOT

Speed, reliability and precision together are the pillars of our high quality standards. In order to deliver them, we must be able to rely on each member of our team one hundred per cent at any time – be it in the office or at the quay. Because good work starts with motivation, we want everybody to enjoy their work. Therefore, we do all we can in order to give our team members a sense of being valued and respected. This means a friendly working environment, a boss on eye level, regular event days and team building activities as well as support for further qualification or education.

How do we know our principles are well received? Because we have very little fluctuation in our workforce. This, in turn, has a very positive effect for our customers, too: professional knowledge and experience grow systematically and stay within the company – which leads to a constantly high level of quality.

Quality assessment at SHOT

We don’t just promise you quality, we deliver it as certified by ISO 9001:2015. In our globalised and fully cross-linked world, sheer price comparison is not the way to go any longer. Cheap rates are just one short online search away, no matter what one is looking for. This is why we put that much effort into convincing our customers with flexibility, service, and quality.

The industry standard helps us:

  • design all processes transparently and flawlessly,
  • delegate responsibilities among team members,
  • eliminate mistakes and
  • minimise red tape.

In a nutshell: the industry standard helps us optimise everything that runs in the background – because as long as it’s running there, it’s running smoothly.