LOGISTICS is in our name and in our DNA.

SHOT packs, stores, labels, and checks for you

SHOT Packing Centre

is where your cargo is in good hands. Located at the heart of Hamburg’s former free port, our logistics center is in close proximity to all terminals. With our own 250 metres of quay wall and a full range of heavy equipment at our disposal we are able to handle your freight with exceptional professionalism, speed, and flexibility. Whatever your needs are, we have the capacities to offer you an individual full-service solution:

  • import handling ex carrier incl. customs clearance
  • temporary storage possibilities
  • consolidation service at warehouse for further export transfer
  • professional and optimised stuffing and lashing of box and flat rack containers
  • handling of overdimensioned cargoes up to 40 tons
  • unloading and incoming goods inspection
  • professional pallet order picking, palletisation, labelling and handling of LCL cargoes
  • delivery control
  • processing of return shipments
  • tracking and tracing
  • at a certain order volume we clear webspace which you have exclusive access to in order to look into and print out  documentation and terms of agreement
  • quality assurance – we are ISO 9001:2015  certified

SHOT loads and unloads

Terminal operation

is an integrated key component of our full-service logistics package. Our 250 metres of quay and several thousand square meters of storage space make it possible for us to:

  • 250 metres own quay wall
  • load and unload barges and bulk vessels
  • operate our own container depot

SHOT has more to offer

Value added services

are that extra mile we go for you because we want to do literally all we can in to order to make our customers happy:

  • quality control of your goods according to your requirements and your specifications
  • re-packing of your goods of damaged export or trade packaging, building wooden boxes
  • commissioning and completing of your goods
  • neutralisation of your commodities in order to disguise the origin
  • assembly and repair works of your goods
  • assembly of displays
  • inward processing
  • own container weighing system (VGM) – for more information: www.containerwaage.com

Our experts are pleased to serve you as competent partners, just contact us!